The Pleasant View Metropolitan District owns or manages approximately 70 acres of park-lands within our jurisdictional boundaries. Of the 70 acres, about 20 acres consists of groomed turf areas and the remaining 50 acres is open space or more wild in nature. We have two baseball fields and three multi-use fields available for many different sports activities. We also have a small hall available for rental.

For background, nationally, in metropolitan areas, data shows that there is an average of 1000 people per 2 acres of park space provided by cities and districts. The data for Pleasant View Metropolitain District shows that the District ratio is about 140 people per 2 acres of park property available. Sitting between the cities of Lakewood and Golden, with this park-to-population ratio we have quite a rural feel with a lot of open areas that are quite easily accessible.

The picnic pavilions at our parks are free to use on a first come first served basis as are any of the other facilities at our parks. They are available for reservations for a small charge for special occasions. Link here for rental rates of our facilities.

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