Pleasant View Fire actively recruits new personnel throughout the year. We typically test in the fall to bring new members on for following year’s recruit academy. Firefighter I applicants are tested as they apply.

The department requires the members to have a Colorado Division of Fire Safety certification at the following levels upon completion of their probation:

  • FFI
  • Hazmat Operations

They are also encouraged to have Driver Operator, and Firefighter II.

Members are also encouraged to have at least Driver Operator, Firefighter II, and Emergency Medical Responder or Emergency Medical Technician.


The recruit process begins with the written application to join the department, followed by the physical agility test. Those that pass the written and agility test receive a back ground check and are then invited to an interview. After the interview process, they are brought on the department where they begin their one year probation. During this probation period, they attend fire academy, Hazmat Operations, Driver Operator and hydraulics classes. They also are given a Probation Task Book that has to be completed by the end of Probation.


The written is a general aptitude test; the agility consists of three minutes on a stair machine, followed by a hose pull, dummy drag, bucket carry, sledge hammer raise and swing and aerial climb.