The Pleasant View Metropolitan District is a small (~2.5 square miles) political subdivision of the state of Colorado under Title 32 of Colorado State Statute. The District is governed by a five member Board of Directors that serve four year terms and are elected by residents of the District per Colorado election law.

The District has approximately 4800 residents and shows quite a range of housing types. There are lower income, multi family dwellings going up to near million dollar single family residences. It is quite the eclectic mix.

District Map

Our History

The Pleasant View Metropolitan District was founded in October 1948 by a group of foresighted citizens identifying the need for fire protection and parks/recreation for this area. These organizers were originally part of the local Civilian Defense Corps stemming from the out break or World War II to help protect the citizens of that time.

The valley we know as Pleasant View has led a varied and tried past, from the original settling in the late 1850’s to the present. Many challenges have faced citizens over the past 160 years. Today, the Pleasant View Metropolitan District sits roughly in the center of unincorporated Jefferson County between the cities of Golden and Lakewood.

Our Staff

District Manager
Tammy Waller
Tammy WallerOffice Manager
Tammy Waller is the District’s office manager. She assists with special projects, rents the parks out, and keeps the office organized and humming along. She is a retired educator, wife and mother of four kids.